The beautiful coastal town of Weymouth in Dorset is a truly magnificent seaside resort and is the perfect place to enjoy fun and relaxing holidays throughout the year. The town is famous for it’s sandy beaches and the picturesque harbour, which during the evening is a really beautiful sight.

Tourism in Weymouth dates back many years, with the town being popularized by King George III who often visited the town during the summer for relaxing breaks and to bathe in the salty waters as he was told by his physicians that this would be very beneficial to his health. Weymouth, you could say, was one of the first health holiday resorts in the UK.

Around Weymouth - Travel & Accommodation Guide

Originally Weymouth was a small fishing village, but from the 17th century onwards, it started attracting visitors who would come here to sample and enjoy the beaches and local delights. Over time, it’s popularity continued to grow and today it is one of the most loved English seaside towns. You will find colourful deck chairs along the beaches, donkey rides for kids, Punch and Judy shows and all the other timeless classics that make a British seaside resort such a special place.

Visitors to Weymouth can enjoy a huge range of different activities as well as visit the many wonderful places of interest and take in all of the popular sights and attractions. In addition you can enjoy the beautiful Dorset countryside and the famous Jurassic coast, which is a 95 mile stretch of coastline with rocks that have recorded over 180 million years of history.

There are many stunning natural points of interest to see such as the Radipoli Lake, the Tout Quarry Sculpture Park and lots of other places. Weymouth and Dorset have been blessed by the immense natural beauty and stunning scenery that you can find here on every corner.

Holidays in Weymouth

In addition to the lovely beaches, Weymouth has a wealth of historical sights that are well worth visiting such as Sandsfoot Castle, the Old Town Hall, the Jordan Hill Roman Temple and many others. Some of the other popular places for visitors include the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park, Bennetts Water Gardens, the Weymouth D-Day Museum and many others. The isle of Portland is another much loved place to visit and here you can see the famous Portland Bill Lighthouse.

What makes Weymouth such a special holiday destination is that there is something for everyone who visits. Whether you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday by the sea, or one filled with lots of adventure and activities, Weymouth will be able to cater for everyone. Whatever time of the year you plan on visiting, you can be sure that you will have some truly magical and unforgettable holidays in Weymouth. It’s a fantastic place to visit for a family holiday and there are loads of attractions to keep young children amused and interested throughout the days, while it is also a nice place to visit with a partner and escape from the noise and bustle of everyday city life.

On our website you will find details about various types of accommodation in Weymouth such as hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and holiday homes as well as some more traditional type of accommodation including cottages and inns. You will also find information about the many sights and attractions in this magical seaside town, in additional to useful travel information.